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Thematic Fields

Sustainable Food Systems

A variety of efforts aim to make the food system more sustainable, and to tackle shortcomings related to food security, food poverty and justice, nutrition, food quality and safety, resource scarcity, loss of farmland and negative environmental impacts. To address these challenges, diverse strategies are developed at different geographies and scales, and driven by various actor groups. They are ranging from local level initiatives, such as communities reasserting responsibility for food  policy, to national, supra-national, and global food policies and initiatives.

We invite you to submit proposals for sessions focusing on different forms of sustainable food systems, as well as on related social practices and socioeconomic/technical processes in the production, distribution, marketing, and consumption of food. We are particularly interested in governance mechanisms, policies, and their (potential) contribution to a wider transformation towards more sustainable urban and rural areas, regions and societies. Approaches that address the empowerment of marginalized communities and people are of special interest.