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Thematic Fields

Gender, Science and Technology

Climate emergency, Covid-19 pandemic, crisis of care, war in Europe, energy crisis, and a conservative backlash in the USA–all these crises are influencing and challenging our societies in unprecedented ways. However, the magnitude of the impact is different for each person. Individual characteristics such as gender, class, race, age, sexual orientation, disabilities, care responsibilities, and education, as well as their intersections, play a significant role in how people are affected. We invite STS scholars to submit papers that discuss non-binary, queer feminist, postcolonial, and intersectional perspectives on these interrelations.

Furthermore, we are interested in sessions on specific current and historical science and technology policies and practices – with a gender and diversity lens. For instance, the European Commission has implemented gender equality plans (GEPs) as eligibility criterion for applications to their research funding programmes – and several member states will probably follow. Moreover, an intersectional understanding of gender and diversity factors will be included in various thematic fields of research calls.

Additionally, the sessions are open to discuss gender and diversity in science and technology beyond these topics, e.g. in Higher Education, promoting diversity and inclusion in STEM fields, diversifying STEM curricula, building gender equity in academia, gendered innovations for sustainable development.

Connections to other thematic fields of the conference are highly welcome (digitalization, mobility, life sciences, sustainable food systems, etc.).

Session proposals should encourage multi- and trans-disciplinary settings and be open to theoretical as well as empirical and more practical approaches.