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Open Science: Rethinking the Science and Society Relationship

Accessibility, transparency, and critical contestation of truth claims lie at the heart of scientific knowledge production. However, scientific practices have often been found to fall short of  these ideals. The metaphor of the ivory tower describes science as self-centred, inaccessible and not responding  to  social  needs. Critical scrutiny  of  knowledge  production  has  a  long  history in social studies of science. At the same time there is rich tradition attempting to  overcome the observed shortcomings by engaging civil society actors with the aim of creating  a wider and more inclusive process of knowledge production to respond to societal needs and  inform political decision-making. Open Science holds the promise to meet to these goals by making scientific practices more accessible and accountable to the public. With this call, we invite proposals for sessions that explore the ways in which Open Science aims at securing more inclusive, transparent and accessible practices of knowledge production.
Session proposals calling for a critical assessment of where Open Science might fall short of these aims are also welcome.