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Call for Session Proposals

Guidelines for Session Proposers 

Please observe the following guidelines when submitting a session proposal: 

1)  Create an account and use the online form to submit your proposal no later 
than October 30, 2023. 

ConfTool: Instructions for Submitting Authors 

2) Session proposals must not exceed 500 words. 

3)  Your session proposal needs to be written in a way suitable for publication on  our website as a call for abstracts. Address your desired contributors directly and be  clear about the type of contributions you seek to be presented in your session. 

4) Do not submit abstracts of your own paper. Even if you intend to present a paper of your own – you are certainly welcome to do so – submit your paper over the  course of the call for abstracts after the session proposals have been assessed, accepted and published on our website. You may send additional information such as  CV, list of publications and abstracts of intended paper presentations in the appendix  to your session proposal. 

5) The format of your proposed session does not need to be limited to academic  papers and presentations. We encourage you to suggest interactive and innovative session formats, such as group discussions, world cafes, round tables, etc. Please specify your idea in case you plan an alternative setting by briefly describing it in your  session proposal. 

6) After acceptance, session proposers are expected to assist with reviewing full  papers submitted to their own session.