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Call for Abstracts

Abstract Submission

  • Abstracts must be submitted in English; please note that the working language of the conference is English as well.
  • 400 to 600 words, max. 5 keywords, and the Abstract with authors’ contact details should be submitted by using the online form.
  • Please indicate in the online form the session number, your abstract should belong to
  • Please choose a short, concise title.
  • The Abstract should include brief statements on previous research in the field, the purpose of your research/work and the methods applied. Furthermore, please outline your results and conclusions that can be drawn on this basis.
  • The relevance of the contribution to the field of STS should be made apparent, ideally by pointing out how it relates to earlier results and theorizing in STS.
  • No reference to the authors’ institutions should be included in the body of the Abstract. Where applicable, literature references should be provided at the end of the Abstract.

Notification of selected abstracts : February 2024

Abstracts will be available as online Book of Abstracts.

Poster Session

We also appreciate proposals for poster presentations.
For submitting a proposal for poster please use the online form and indicate poster as your presentation type.
The accepted posters will be presented in an open plenary session, where every presenter will have about 2-3 Minutes to present his/her poster.
The audience will then have the opportunity to ask questions or engage in discussions one-on-one.